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Hello.  My name is Bill Chambers, and I am from Iowa.  I DO consider myself to be a thinker.  I am 67 years old and retired.  I was injured at birth and, due to that event and some genetic factors, I am legally blind.  I have a wide variety of interests — trains (especially the first-generation diesels), reading, photography, music (especially classical music and oldies from the 50s-60s), and religion.  I am still sorting out what I believe, and lean towards the Unitarian-Universalist position.  I used to be a strong believer in Jesus Christ, but as I studied religion more, I came to the conclusion that he has no merit in terms of what he claims for himself.  I have a group called “Solus Christus” in Yahoo Groups, but I am intending for this blog to replace that group eventually.

One further thing:  The “I Did It” post was posted through e-mail.  What has appeared is only about 1/6 of the original.  I am still working the bugs out of the blog, and perhaps some day I will post the entire thing.

So welcome to the blog.  Feel free to make such comments as you desire.  Have a great day.

Bill Chambers



  1. Mr. Chambers,

    I have what may be a stupid question. In one of your blog posts about the 2012 presidential election, you told a story about a pastor waiting for you to get on a plane. You used the phrase, “he stood there with his teeth in his mouth.”

    My father, now 79, used that phrase frequently when I was a youngster. He’d typically say that when he was driving behind someone who wouldn’t go when the traffic light turned green. He has never been able to recall where he first heard the phrase. Since you used it, I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on its origins.


    – Jim

    Comment by Jim Wooldridge | January 4, 2016 | Reply

  2. Hello, Jim. I just did a google to see if I could find any information about “with his teeth in his mouth,” but couldn’t find any information on it. My guess is that it originated at one point in time and other people started using it. I don’t remember where I first heard it, but I liked it and started using it myself.

    One other thing: If a question is asked in order to learn something new, then it is NOT a stupid question; it is a legitimate one.

    Have yourself a good day.

    Bill Chambers

    Comment by thinkerfromiowa | January 4, 2016 | Reply

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