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Good Luck, Jeb and Chris!

Good Luck, Jeb and Chris!

Hello, everyone.

Jeb Bush has said that he is going to consider a run for the Presidency in 2016. I hope that he decides to run.

I have considered the option of voting for Chris Christie in 2016, until “Bridgegate” arose. I have some thoughts on that later on.

It is no secret that the Democrats have all but anointed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the 2016 nominee. And that is why I am giving the Republicans a second – and third – look.

I can’t bring myself to support Hillary Clinton, much less vote for her. I do have my reasons. First, to be totally upfront, I have my issues with women as a whole. I have not been treated kindly by women during my lifetime, and I am wary and not trusting of them. I have had people tell me that “Women are not all alike,” but my life experience has been the opposite. So yes, I do not support Hillary because she is a woman.

But I have other reasons. First is the issue of leadership
experience. Bush and Christie bring something to the campaign that Clinton cannot, and that is gubernatorial experience. Yes, Clinton was Secretary of State, but is leading a cabinet department the same as leading a state? I don’t think so. In my opinion, a president should come from the ranks of state governors. There are exceptions, of course. Truman was a Missouri businessman who made it to the Oval Office when FDR died, and he handled the presidency quite well. JFK and LBJ went to the White House from the Senate, and they were both quite capable as President. But all in all, I don’t believe that a department secretary is as capable as a governor in leading the country.

Second is the matter of Clinton’s being Secretary of State. How large a role exactly will foreign affairs play in her presidency? Will she be focused on this country and its needs, or will she put her focus on foreign affairs? And in that light, how willing will she be to commit American forces to foreign conflicts, especially those conflicts in which the United States has no vested interest? And if she does so, will she make a unilateral decision to do so like Bush II did in Iraq and Afghanistan and Reagan did in a variety of areas, or will she go the route of the Constitution and seek a declaration of war from Congress?

The Democrats were hell-bent-for-leather to make history by
nominating and electing the first Black presidential candidate in 2008, and they are equally hell-bent-for-leather to make history again by nominating and electing the first female President in 2016. But in my opinion, seeking to make history is not a valid reason for putting a person in the Oval Office, especially when there is a chance that the country will be harmed by doing so.

And the country HAS been harmed by the Obama presidency, in my opinion. Exhibit One is Sure, the website is functioning now, but at what cost in cash, plus the number of Americans who will have to wait until the next open enrollment this fall to get insurance? Exhibit Two is the job situation. Obama campaigned on creating jobs and keeping American jobs in America, but he has not succeeded. The infrastructure in this country is in woeful need of repair, and jobs programs to correct these situations could have been created, much like FDR did in 1933. But Obama did not do so. Exhibit Three is that infrastructure crisis I just mentioned. A lot of people still remember that bridge collapse in Minneapolis several years. Luckily, that bridge was over land and there was no loss of life by drowning. But I read the other day on the Net that there are over 80,000 at-risk bridges in this country, and some of them DO go over water. Clearly the infrastructure needs repair, but Obama isn’t doing it. Exhibit Four is Afghanistan. Obama was VERY quick to take credit for the murder of Osama bin Laden, but that murder has not really had any effect on the war in Afghanistan. Why was Obama incapable of creating a plan to bring the boys and girls home from there sooner? Can we afford to dump treasure and human lives down that sewer any more?

Many of the problems I mentioned above are state-oriented, and a governor would know how to approach these problems. I am not sure that a former Secretary of State would have such knowledge.

There is one person in the Democratic Party who I am convinced is capable of facing these problems and working to find solutions for them, and that person is Senator Bernie Sanders. It would be a joy to be able to vote for him. But the Democrats are determined to put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, come hell or high water, and I just cannot support that.

So that leaves Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. Christie, of course, is tainted by “Bridgegate.” But I can’t help wondering if that is a legitimate scandal. Numbers had been showing that Christie would have given Clinton a run for her money, and I have wondered if “Bridgegate” was a scheme by the Democrats to destroy, or at least neuter, Christie as a viable opponent. Only time will tell.

So right now, Jeb Bush is my only hope. And barring anything totally unpredictable now, he will have my vote in November, 2016.

Everyone have a great day.



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