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The Cost of Idiocy

The Cost of Idiocy

Hello, everyone.

Crooks & Liars has an item on its front page titled “ Ted Koppel Says the Terrorists Have Won.”

The concept comes from a op-ed that Ted Koppel wrote for the Wall Street Journal, which is dated this past August 6. Here is the URL<:

Koppel’s premise is one which countless liberals and progressives, myself included, have been saying for the pat 12 years: The so-called “Terrorist Attacks” and “War on Terror” could not have come without the Republicans being in power and a president of George W. Bush’s capability being in the White House.

I am not going to digest and then regurgitate Koppel’s article. I will, instead, quote from the Crooks & Liars comments and respond to those. Here we go.

Comment # 1: “The terrorists won when we got the Patriot Act and went to Iraq.”

Absolutely! Bush’s response to the attacks was worlds apart from FDR’s response to Pearl Harbor. First, FDR got a declaration of war against Japan from Congress, and THEN he took such action as he felt was needed to execute that war. Bush and the Republicans, on the other hand, enacted the Patriot Act WITHOUT the benefit of any Constitutional sanction of any kind. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were simply waged without declaration. By getting us to abandon the legitimate protocols for our actions, the “terrorists” won the war in fact.

Comment # 2: “…The attack on 9 11 was more successful than Bin Laden could have even imagined . Bush , Cheney and Republicons picked up right where he left off.

Absolutely again. In essence, this was my point in the paragraph above. It is said that Bush once referred to the Constitution as “a goddamned piece of paper.” Whether he actually said this or not is not certain. But the way that he responded to the “terrorist attacks” definitely confirms to such a philosophy that Bush is accused of holding.

Comment5 # 3: “…I have said exactly this since watching the towers go down; the US is going to become a police state and it will be 15 years before we start to recover.

“I knew at that moment the terrorists had won with the gang running the government.

Again, Absolutely! Lest we forget, Al Gore won the election by winning the popular vote. But as we all know, unfortunately this does not guarantee election because the “Founding Fathers” imposed on this country a mechanism that is older than the Middle Ages — the Electoral College. The electoral vote was so close that the Republicans were able to force an end to the vote count in Florida and persuaded the conservative Supreme Court to anoint their boy as president, rather than the actual winner, Al Gore. As the commenter said, this action by the Republicans was enough to guarantee that the “terrorists” had indeed won the “War on Terror.”

One other interesting fact: Dick Cheney did not permit any kind or contest to select Bush’s running mate. He anointed himself with that role and both Bushes — Elder and Younger — acquiesced to Cheney’s decision.

Comment # 4: “Well, they knew enough to wait until a weak-minded wingnut idiot got into the White House.

Who can argue with that? Certainly not me! For the record, there was an attempt to bomb the World Trade Center early in Bill Clinton’s presidency, but Clinton was more than up to the challenge. He did respond, and the “terrorists” learned that Bill Clinton was not a man to be messed with. The Republicans knew this as well, but they were nowhere close to the intellectual caliber of the “terrorists/” They continually jacked around with Clinton and his Administration, but they got nowhere. The “terrorists” knew far better, and as a result we had eight relatively peaceful years during the Clinton presidency.

Comment # 5: “…While I still have many questions regarding the events of 9/11, Ted has this right. By provoking the disproportionate spending on military measures, while at the same time passing knee-jerk legislation curtailing individuals rights, the terrorists have won.

“The objective of terrorism is to instill terror within the psyche of its target. Considering the fear evident in, and dividing our country, I’d say the objective has been achieved.

Nothing more needs to be said on this pointy. We above a certain age remember the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962. At that time, the Republicans derided JFK and insisted that we needed “a man” in the White House. What actually happened was that JFK stood eyeball-to-eyeball with Nikita S. Khrouschev over Russian missiles that had been delivered to Fidel Castro in Cuba. JFK did not blink; Khrouschev did, and the end result was that the missiles left Cuba.

What would have happened if we had had A MAN in the White House on 9/11/01? We’ll never knows because we did not have one. And we did not have A MAN in the White House on 9/11/09, and we won’t have one on 9/11/13 either. And the “terrorists” are aware of these facts. But what has helped hold things together was the fact that Obama had and has extremely capable people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as Secretaries of State. And they, more than anyone else, have been responsible for the uneasy peace, in spite of the Republicans’ war-mongering, that we have enjoyed during the Obama years.

Comment # 6: “From the first moment, we’ve been dancing to the lunatics’ tune. It’s unbelievable how completely they control this country.

But don’t lose sight of the fact that the “terrorists” could never have called the tune that this country dances to without the overt, welcome help of the Republicans.

Comment # 7: “That creepy guy on the right side of the screen is an endless stream of ‘straw man’ arguments. No wonder he is so confused.

That creepy guy on the right is Representative Michael McCaul, Republican — naturally! — from Texas, who is chairman of the “Homeland Security Committee. I tried to follow the logic of his line of nonsense, but my brain is killing me big time.

Ted Koppel made a powerful statement when he said, “Terrorism is the weapon with which the weak engage the strong.” FDR. got that point. JFK got it. Both Clintons — Bill and Hillary — get it. Bush II and Cheney didn’t get it, and Obama hasn’t shown me anything that indicates that he gets it. But if we had a leader like FDR, JFK, and Bill Clinton who got it, then I believe the “terrorists” would get religion VERY quick.

Have yourselves a good day tomorrow.




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