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More Adult Talk About Guns

More Adult Talk About Guns

Hello, everyone.

This morning (7/22/12), Crooks & Liars had a fragment of an article from the New York Daily News about the massacre over in Aurora.  Here is a portion of their quote.

– – – – – – – – – –

The police chief in Aurora, Colo., said he is confident that massacre gunman James Holmes acted alone. The police chief was dead wrong.

Standing at Holmes’ side as he unleashed an AR-15 assault rifle and a shotgun and a handgun was Wayne LaPierre, political enforcer of the National Rifle Association.

Standing at Holmes’ side as he sprayed bullets and buckshot into a crowded movie theater were Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, a President and a would-be President, who have bowed to the NRA’s dictates and who responded to the slaughter Friday with revolting, useless treacle.

Standing at Holmes’ side as he murdered 12 and wounded 59 were the millions of zealots who would sooner see blood flow and lives end than have to check a box on a gun registration form.

In a vain claim of innocence, the fanatics will say Holmes is a monster and a maniac, that he fired and fired and fired as a man possessed. Each protestation clamps their fingers with his around the trigger.

Because they made sure that virtually everyone, Holmes included, has unfettered legal access to heavy weaponry. And they made sure he was permitted by law to drive to the kill scene with a fully loaded arsenal.

Such is the conscienceless extremism of America’s gun lovers that they accept wholesale slaughter as akin to a fatal highway pileup. Accidents happen, in their grotesque view, and so do mass killings by firearms.

– – – – – – – – – –

Here is the URL for the full article:

I would add one extra thought that would blend in beautifully with the Daily News’ magnificent statements:

Standing beside James Holmes – and passing him filled ammunition clips – are the maniacal, fanatical Christian zealots who shudder at the thought of stem cell research – which has the potential for SAVING lives – but who give hugs, kisses on the lips, and tons of dough to Republican politicians who genuflect to the NRA and who oppose viciously ANY attempt to bring reasonable and rational gun control to this country.

At last, we are learning some details about the victims.  Here is a paragraph from another news item linked to by Crooks & Liars:

“Among the dead were two members of the military, a man celebrating his 27th birthday and a 6-year-old girl, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, whose 25-year-old mother, Ashley Moser, is in critical condition and semiconscious with multiple gunshot wounds to her throat and abdomen.”

This whole situation strikes me where I live, because I remember all too well the carnage done by those two gun worshipers Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris at the Columbine High School down in Littleton back in 1999.  One Sunday morning, my late wife Carol and I made a pilgrimage to Clement Park, not far from the school, where there were tents set up for each victim.  Under each tent were flowers, notes, and stuffed animals.  I cried the whole time I was there, because I was a high-school teacher and church youth worker at one time.  But just because the United States could not handle the thought of a legally blind teacher leading a high-school classroom and acted accordingly, that did not remove the love of young people from my heart.  I am still haunted by the massacre of those innocent teens, and I therefore have some VERY STRONG opinions about the Republicans’ and Evangelicals’ worship of armament.

Right after the massacre, someone found a very sick video that Kliebold and Harris had made, in which they whined about being “bullied” and how they wanted to kill people to get even.  I did not buy the stuff they were saying about being bullied; something about it did not ring true to me.  In the fall of that year, Columbine played for its division’s state football championship.  At that time, I had access to a channel that broadcast Denver-area high school sports, and I got to watch Columbine win.  I was struck by the behavior and demeanor of those kids on that team.  They were gracious in their victory and spoke respectfully of the team they had defeated.  If that school actually bullied Kliebold and Harris, then it is possibly because Kliebold and Harris were not involved in the normal everyday life of the school.  They were too wrapped up in their own little world to be part of the larger world they were a part of.

There is one thing that is way too common in these shooting cases.  In my last diary about an adult conversation about guns, I wrote the following paragraph:

“I titled this diary “an adult conversation about guns.”  Why adult?  Many years ago, I read an article, either from a psychological journal or from a psychological website, that stated that guns were a phallic symbol, and that “men” worshiped their precious guns because in their minds, the guns made them virile men.  In other words, they needed the guns to replace what was missing inside their pants.  In the years since I read that, I have not seen even one item of proof that disproves that statement.”

The one common element in too many of these shootings is that after they commit their mayhem, the shooters kill themselves.  They don’t even have the manhood to stay alive and face their punishment like men.  They do indeed need their almighty precious guns to make them men, because they lack any trace of genuine manhood.

And as of this hour – 5:40 pm Mountain Time on 7/22/12, there still has been no word of regret for the victims or words of comfort for their families from the Republicans or the Evangelical community.  I don’t expect any either.  Where is Rick Warren?  Where is Pat Robertson?  Where is the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate?

In time, the pain will stop and this shooting will go away, only to be replaced by the next one.  But nothing will undue the physical, mental, and emotional pain of the victims.  Nothing will bring back the life of that darling little 6-year-old girl that James Holmes was so brave to go up against with his assault rifle, shotgun, and handgun.

It’s OK, Christians, if the shoes pinch your toes.  Go ahead and ignore what I have to say because you don’t know how to talk to the “new Bill.”  I’d tell you how you can communicate with me, but somehow I believe that it would be over your heads.  So it’s OK if you ignore me.  That simply gives me a rationale for believing that there is no earthly good in your belief system, your Bible, or your Christ.

For the rest of you, thank you for letting me vent my spleen this one last time.  I have said all I have to say about Aurora – unless some Christian nitwit decides to open his mouth and add more male bovine excrement to the pile.

Have a great day tomorrow.  And thank you again for bearing with me.




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