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Why Are Humans Violent?

Why Are Humans Violent?

Hello, everyone.

Just now as I type, I came across a message in one of my Asperger’s Syundrome groups that asks one colossal question. I virtually never quote a private message in these diaries, but this one is of such a nature that it deserves repeating. Here it is.

I am SICK TO DEATH, of Us JUST posting, and reading, these Stories of Abhorrent Treatment of the most vulnerable members of Our Society, the Children and the Disabled, Handi-capped, Developmentally, Intellectually and Physically Challenged Individual among Us.

What are WE going to do about it, other than Just Post and Read, On Social Media?

I believe, the real question to be asked is, “Why Are Humans Violent”?”

Wow! What a question! Why are humans violent?

Why ARE humans violent? To be sure, not all races and nationalities are violent, but there are others who know nothing but violence.

And I do believe that this question has a legitimate answer.

I believe that the blame for most – if not all — of this world’s violence can be laid at the feet of the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

I have always been interested in history. Yet when I was in the public schools and then college, the history I was taught was extremely limited. I was never taught Australian history or anything about England’s taking over of that continent. I have never been taught Asian history, except for little snippets that touched upon the agendas of courses, books, and visual forms that were proclaiming some message. African history? The only thing I know about that is that Africa was where America bought its slaves, and that there was an effort to establish a land for the slaves to go to when the “good Americans” wanted to kick them out of this country.

Central and South America? All I know about those are Columbus’ “discovery” and plunder of the land and its people, and the rape of the continent by the Conquistadores – “Conquerors” in Spanish.

But American and European history? Well, that’s a whole different ball of wax. That is all we are taught. I do give credit to Parsons College, though, because they were honest enough to name their history course “Western Civilization” instead of “World History.”

And so, I know nothing about the Maoris of New Zealand or the aborigines of Australia – how they lived, how they worshiped their god or gods, how they got along with their neighbors, etc.

And I know nothing about the various Asians, especially the Chinese, whose knowledge and wisdom make the Jews of Old Testament times look like Neanderthals from the Stone Age. And – thanks to television, especially PBS – I do know a little about India, especially the wisdom of the Buddha, whose wisdom almost makes Jesus Christ look like one of the Three Stooges.

But I still know nothing about Africa, except that at one time, the whole continent was a patchwork quilt of European colonies.

So based on the limits of my education and lack of knowledge of the inhabitants of the other countries and continents, I must limit my statements to those groups that I DO know something about, and that is the three Abrahamic religions.

One of the things that I find absolutely hilarious is the abject fear and terror that Evangelical Christians have of “Sharia Law.” Do they even have a clue as to what Sharia Law entails? No they don’t, because they never give any rationale for the Islamic system of law, nor do they cite any specifics of Sharia Law from the Koran or any other Muslim writing that might contain the law. All these poor boobs know is that “Sharia Law” is Muslim and that they hate and despise anything that is Islamic.

But wait a minute. Do these people have a clear understanding of the OLD TESTAMENT LAW? Indeed, have they read anything in the Old Testament besides the Psalms and Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6? If they have read the historical books, they would find a degree of bloodletting that would give Attila the Hun pause. Same with the “Books of Moses.” Indeed, the Old Testament God, or biblegod, had a thirst for blood that someone in Death Valley, desperate for a few drops of water, could envy. People were killed for even touching the “ark of the Covenant.”

And according to the Old Testament Law, a person could be killed for no known legitimate reason. Human sacrifice was practiced; see the story of Jephthah in the Book of Judges. A child who dared to state his independence could be put to death. So too could a child who went through the normal rebellions of the teen years. A person could be executed for picking up even a stick on the “Sabbath.” And the list goes on and on.

I remember hearing many years ago, when I was a boy, that there were some books that Bible translators would not translate into the language of any people who had the tendency to violence, because those books in the Bible were so filled with violence that they were afraid that the new “converts” would see the Bible as condoning their styles of living, and they would go back to their old ways.

One of the blessings of the history of the Western “Civilizations” is that – whether they want to do so or not – people are forced to look on the history of the Christian Church. They are forced to see the cruelty and heartlessness of the Crusades, the maniacal mayhem of the various Inquisitions, especially the Spanish Inquisition, the way that the established Church tried to accomplish the infanticide of the nascent Protestant Reformation, the cruelty of Oliver Cromwell in England and the Puritans in colonial America, the Salem Witch Trials in colonial Massachusetts, the French massacre of the Hugenots, the Conquistadores’ rape of South America, Columbus’ slavery to slavery, the mayhem committed in Ireland between the Catholics and Protestants, the War Between the States when people battled over the right to traffic in human flesh, the brutality in this country of the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists towards anything and anyone who was NOT Evangelical or Fundamentalist, the spectacle of “Christians” picketing at funerals, etc., and so on, ad nauseum. I can give personal testimony to the treatment that Evangelicals and Fundamentalists give to those who disagree with them, because I have personally experienced much cruelty and sheer meanness from these thugs and goons, as have too many of the people I love.

And we must NEVER forget that – so far, THANK GOD!! – The United States – an openly avowed Christian country – is the ONLY country to ever use nuclear arms in anger against another country – a country that, not coincidentally, was NOT a Christian country.

And we must also NEVER forget that the people in the government who desire to wreak the most havoc in the lives of the unfortunate, cast-down, most vulnerable, and most beaten up on in this country are the Republicans, the political arm of the Evangelicals.

And for the Muslims, nothing more needs to be said than this – the Crusades.

I rest my case. I have sought long and hard for information on the other, non-Abrahamic religions. I would love to know how these religions impacted the lives of those who adhered to them. Did they all promote harmony among peoples? Or were they like the Abrahamic religions, demanding to be the star of the show, ramming their beliefs down the throats of other, screaming the mantra, “Believe or die?” I am afraid that we will never know. But at least we have the history of the Abrahamic religions, and thus a key clue as to why there is so much murder, mayhem, and misery in the history of these groups.

Have yourselves a good day today.




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