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Ripoff of the Disabled

Ripoff of the Disabled

Hello, everyone.

There is an awful new trend that is appearing more and more on web pages where one carries out activities like posting e-mails, creating an account, visiting such sites, etc.  That trend is forcing people to write in nonsense words.  The rationale for this stupidity is supposedly to stop spammers from posting spam.  But is that the REAL purpose?

I just spent a goodly amount of time at the Internet Archives, trying to create an account at the URl

I tried between one and two dozen times to create an account, but got rejected each time.  The reason is that they use the moronic “type” gizmo to “prevent posting of spam.”  I finally just threw up mny hands and gave up.

There is one item that needs to be mentioned.  I am legally blind.  Indeed, I have been diagnosed as such by four different ophthamologists.

What also needs to be mentioned is that the “spam-blocking” business uses words that are virtually unintelligible to one with less-than-perfect eyesight.  Indeed, I used magnifiers to copy the words at the Internet Archives site, and I never got the words right.

So I am forced to pose a question:  Do Internet Archives and the other sites that use the “spam-blocking” nonsense really intend to bloock spam?  Or is it a ruse to keep people with visual disabilities from using the site?  My own personal opinion is that it is NOT for blocking spam.  There are other ways to block spam, and most legitimate websites use those.

There is a neat little piece of legislation on the law books of the United States, called the Americans With Disabilities Act.  The purpose of that law is to allow people with whatever kind of disability to function in the everyday social life of this country.  Retail stores that had mazes of barriers installed to make navigation a puzzle for the disabled have had to remove them in order to comply with the law, thank God!  Seating areas for wheel chairs have been added to theaters, stadiums, and arenas.  A tad late — in reality, far more than a tad late –this country has FINALLY seen fit to include the disabled citizen into its society.

So I would pose to the Internet Archive and other like-minded sites:  What exactly is the rationale behind your “spam-blocking” procedures?  Can you show me PRECISELY WHERE in the Americans With Disabilities Act the rationale — and the permission — for your process can be found?  Can you give me a legitimate reason why the matter of this practice and its impact on visually disabled citizens should not be brought to the attention of the Justice Department?  Or in short, can you explain to me and to the country at large why discrimination against the visually challenged is your policy?

I salute WordPress for not making this practice a part of its polity.  I face no challenge when I log in here or when I post a blog message.  I simply sign in, type or paste my message, and then click on “Publish.”  If a myriad of web sites have machination in place to control spam, then why can’t sites like Internet Archives have equivalent machination?

Really, isn’t it time that websites like Internet Archive and the others move forward into the 21st century?




May 25, 2012 - Posted by | Miscellaneous

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