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Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke

Hello, everyone.

By now, everyone has doubtlessly heard Rush Limbaugh’s character assassination of a very fine young woman who dared to exercise her first-amendment right of free speech by testifying to a congressional committee concerning the provision of birth-control medications and devices for women as a whole.  The Republicans, naturally, refused to allow her to testify – at the same time that they opened their arms wide for a quintet of Christian thugs – but the Democrats did hold an ad hoc committee meeting where she was allowed to testify.  Limbaugh’s answer to Ms. Fluke’s testimony was to call her a “slut” and a “prostitute,” and to ask her to post sex tapes on the internet, apparently for his gratification.

Gee, one would think that the Republicans had enough smarts to come up with their own scripts instead of parroting each other so much.  After all, John McCain was on record as referring to his wife as a “cunt.”  But then it takes an intellect to branch out in new areas in terms of the use of diction.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have my own issues with women.  I have not always been treated well by the opposite sex.  The girls did not like me when I was younger, and now that I am older, women still don’t like me.  Believe me when I say that that hurts.  But at least I can hold my head high.  My response to all of the female abuse I experienced was not to call women bad names, but to pity the women because of what they were missing out on because they wanted nothing to do with me.

Naturally, the Democrats were livid about Limbaugh’s diction malfunction, as all decent, honorable people should be.

But what is truly shocking and surprising is the fact that even some REPUBLICANS were horrified by Limbaugh’s language.  Don Imus is a case in point.  He had a similar experience about 5 years ago.  Here is the account from Wikipedia:

“On April 4, 2007, during a discussion about the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship, Imus characterized the Rutgers University women’s basketball team players as “rough girls” commenting on their tattoos. His executive producer Bernard McGuirk responded by referring to them as “hardcore hos”. The discussion continued with Imus describing the girls as “nappy-headed hos” and McGuirk remarking that the two teams looked like the “jigaboos versus the wannabes” mentioned in Spike Lee‘s film, School Daze; apparently referring to the two teams’ differing appearances….


“On April 9, Imus appeared on Al Sharpton‘s syndicated radio talk show, Keepin It Real with Al Sharpton to address the controversy. Sharpton called the comments “abominable”, “racist“, and “sexist“, and repeated his earlier demand that Imus be fired. Imus said, “Our agenda is to be funny and sometimes we go too far. And this time we went way too far. Here’s what I’ve learned: that you can’t make fun of everybody, because some people don’t deserve it.”

Don Imus apparently learned something from his own experience because this is his reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s “apology:”

“It was a vile personal attack on this woman and it was sustained,” Imus noted on Monday. “It was Wednesday and then come back and double down on Thursday and then come back and double down on Friday. And then, issue a lame apology on your website.”

“So were it me and I ran a radio station or whatever, I would make him go down there and apologize to her face to face. He owns a Gulfstream IV (jet). Get on it, go toWashington, take her to lunch and say, ‘Look, I’m sorry I said this stuff and I’ll never do it again. Period.’ Now, he’s an insincere pig. Pill-popping pinhead.”

Imus continued: “I mean it’s disgraceful. You got to show some guts. He has no guts. Look what I did. And what I did was a lame attempt to be funny. And it was three words and I went and met with these people after I’d been fired! You got to show guts. He has no guts. He’s a punk.”

Here is Sandra Fluke’s reaction”

SANDRA FLUKE: “I don’t think that a statement like this, issued saying that his choice of words was not the best, changes anything. Especially when that statement is issued when he’s under significant pressure from his sponsors, who have begun to pull support from his show,”

Based on the way that she has handled the entire crude episode, I am of the opinion that Sandra Fluke has trillions of times more class in her little toe than The Pusgut has in his immense physical corpus.

What started it all was the three-ring media circus the Republicans were staging in regards to the topic of employers being required to provide coverage for birth control medications and devices.  So they decided to stage a circus sideshow called a committee hearing.  BUT… in a hearing discussing women’s health issues, the only witnesses allowed to testify were MALE religious leaders.  Indeed, one courageous congresswoman made a statement for the ages.  At a congressional hearing on contraceptives on February 16, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) demanded, “Where are the women?”

And that is where Sandra Fluke comes in.  She is both a woman AND a law student.  Knowing full well what they faced if they allowed her to testify, the Republican goons simply silenced her – or attempted to.  The Democrats, though, did grant her a chance to meet with them and offer the testimony that the Republicans refused to allow her to give.  She did so, and offered further written testimony.

And that is where The Pusgut and his insults come in.

It hurts me to say this, but I understand totally where Limbaugh is coming from.  I have suffered great feminine abuse in my lifetime.  When I was younger, girls wanted nothing to do with me.  I have had females scream bloody murder because they had to sit in the same seat in a car as I did.  I have had females hide to avoid going out with me.  I have had females ridiculing me because of something that I couldn’t help – my eyesight and inability to drive.

So I understand where Limbaugh is coming from.  According to public record, he has been married four times and is currently not married.  That means that he has gone through four divorces, with each little Sweetie Pie walking away from him with a nice not-so-little pile of dough in her purse.

But even all of the female abuse in the world is not a good enough reason for someone to smear and slander an innocent young woman like Ms. Fluke.  Decades ago, I learned to hide my anger and pain I suffered from female abuse and channel those energies into constructive outlets like refusing to get involved in battles for women’s rights.  Limbaugh should learn to do the same thing.

There is another aspect of this situation that disturbs me most deeply, and that is the absolute silence of the Christian community – both Evangelical and Catholic – in the light of Limbaugh’s tirade against Sandra Fluke.  An unknown source states it this way:  “Those that are silent profess consent.”  Or from the Latin phrase — “Qui tacet consentit” (silence implies consent)  Now my 55-year-plus knowledge of Latin has some dust and rust on it, but my rendering is “He who is silent, consents.”

Now I can understand the silence of the Catholic Church; it is awash with its own problems with horny priests ramming their punkers into the butts of innocent little boys.  It still demands to be seen as the world’s spokesman for moral virtues, but if it dared to speak out against Limbaugh and his misogynistic tirades, it could have its nose rubbed in its own problems.  So I can understand the Catholic silence.

But why the Evangelical silence?  Actually, that one is easy to explain.  Evangelical Christianity is extremely paternalistic and misogynistic in nature.  Everyone with a functioning brain is familiar with Paul’s radical misogyny as he expressed it in the New Testament.  Jesus did not have a single woman among his 12 principle followers.  Jesus himself had misogynistic tendencies as expressed in Matthew 15.

So again, why the Evangelical silence?  It is a known fact that Evangelicalism sees Rush Limbaugh as a hero and idol, even to the point of following him with its tongue hanging out, as a male dog pursues a bitch dog who is in heat.  Evangelicalism would rather do anything else than chastise its hero for said hero’s attitudes.  So given Evangelicalism’s hero worship and its inherent misogyny, it is not difficult to see why THEY have remained silent as well.

And Ms. Fluke?  She has moved on, as one with her intelligence would do.

I have heard it said that every cloud has a silver lining.  The silver lining in this cloud is the fact that decent, honorable people have determined that The Pusgut has crossed the line in this case.  Many of us honorable ones have signed petition after petition to have his sponsors stop supporting his vitriol and hate.  We have also signed petitions to have him removed from the air.  We did so because we are honorable and believe that no human being on God’s black earth should have to suffer the hatred and character assassination that Sandra Fluke has suffered at the hands of Rush Limbaugh.

And now, Evangelicals, your silent support of Limbaugh’s behavior now gives me leave to say this:  If you will excuse me, I will go tend my rose garden while you dredge in your sewer.

All you non-Evangelicals have a great day.





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