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The Reason for the Season? — Part 1

The Reason for the Season?

Hello, everyone.

One Sunday morning in 1969, in the Nazarene Church in my home town, the pastor made the following statement:

“I recently read in the preacher’s magazine that last year, people spent more on pet food and vet bills than they spent winning souls to the precious Lord Jesus.  And folks, that makes me extremely angry!”

Speaking as one born and raised in the Nazarene Church, and as one who was a member at two different points in his life, I can say that that statement was an excellent summary of Nazarene polity.

This past November 24 was Turkey Day.  And like all presidents, Barak Obama issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation and even gave a radio speech.  And it was that speech that fueled the ire of the Christian nitwits in this country.

I found a blog about this whole mess on the Net.  Here it is in its entirety, along with a few comments from the comment section.

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The Obama Hate Machine Hits An Absurd Low Over Thanksgiving Speech

November 26, 2011

By Rmuse

For the past two days, Americans around the country have used Thanksgiving to express gratitude for family, friends, and good fortune, and in keeping with that sentiment and tradition, the President gave a special Thanksgiving radio address to express his gratitude to America’s service men and women for their dedication in protecting our country overseas and at home. The President also gave thanks to volunteers around the country who gave their time and resources to help feed less fortunate Americans as well as his personal list that included “pilgrims, pioneers, and patriots.”  Apparently though, President Obama forgot to clear his “gratitude list” with Christians who are outraged he did not give thanks to or acknowledge god.

[COMMENT:  With all of the grief and heartache in this world, THIS was what the Christians focused on?  They are as zany and mad as is their hairball “savior.”]

The fact that the President of the United Statesdid not use his Thanksgiving address as a personal testimonial of his religious beliefs should be a welcomed sign that, for once, religion did not play any part in a government function. The fact that his omission of religious references outraged Republicans and religious leaders is another reminder that America is still under assault from the religious right whose intention is transforming the country and government into a theocracy. There are myriad posts and comments on the Internet using the President’s speech as proof he is not a Christian and oddly, a liar for claiming to be a Christian but not making his entire address an act of obeisance to god.

[COMMENT:  And yet these same stupid bozos are perfectly content with Newt “The Eft” Gingrich and his passion for Musical Beds!  What rank stupidity and ignorance!]

The title of the President’s speech; “On Thanksgiving, Grateful for the Men and Women Who Defend Our Country,” was not a sermon and it should not have been either. The religious community thinks otherwise and it is a continuing battle that non-religious people are facing more as fundamentalist nut-jobs attempt to impose their beliefs on the entire country. Republicans have tapped into the religious right’s notion that every citizen is obliged to follow Christian beliefs and have spent the 112th session of Congress legislating the bible instead of governing the country.

[COMMENT:  And these same ignorant Christian bastards are terrorized by Sharia Law?  They need to reread the Old Testament Law.  THAT puppy makes Sharia Law look like a game of Ring Around the Rosey!]

There is a feeling within the religious community that without god, America is doomed. It is an insane notion that diminishes the sacrifice of generations of Americans to build this country into the great nation it is, and to criticize the president for not attributing to god what human beings accomplished is the height of foolishness. [COMMENT:  AMEN AND AMEN!!]  President Obama was right to give thanks to the people that built this country, and omitting a mythological creature showed intelligence religious fanatics lack.


One rural Oklahoma Baptist preacher wrote that “to give thanks for luck is to deny god, much less omit!”  [COMMENT:  HUH?!?!] Other critics wrote that Obama’s perceived omission was “so sad” and for fundamentalists, perhaps it is sad, but the president is not a preacher; therein lies the crux of the problem. A majority of Americans are clueless when it comes to the threat the Christian Dominionist movement poses toAmerica, its people, and democracy in general. Dominionists have made little secret that their only reason for existing is to control every aspect of American life. Dominionists are working to control the so-called seven mountains of influence in culture and once they control each segment, their theocratic conquest will be complete. The seven mountains are; arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, media, and religion.

[COMMENT:  Several decades ago, I heard a radio commentator make the case that Prohibition and all of the crime that went with it was the direct result of the Christians’ insistence that the traffic in alcoholic beverages be done away with.  That makes a ton of sense!]

Whether or not Dominionists succeed in controlling the entire country is dependent on their control of the government, and they are gaining power and influence every time Republicans propose legislation based on the bible or the President acknowledges god in a speech. It must have been a slap in fundamentalists’ face for President Obama to fail to acknowledge god in his speech, but for many Americans, it was refreshing to hear the President give a speech without a reference to god.

The outrage at Obama’s omission of a deity is another reminder that there is nothing this president can, or cannot do that will not evoke anger and hatred from a segment of the population. Regardless that President Obama presides over the lowest tax rates in 60 years or has killed more terrorists than Bush, the Obama-haters will criticize his every move; so he may as well do the right thing and keep god, and religion, out of his speeches.

[COMMENT:  Kinda like the hatred the Jews felt for the Samaritans, ain’t it?]

In this instance, Obama clearly was thanking volunteers in the military and those who give their time at soup kitchens and shelters in what the President called “‘a celebration of community,” and not a celebration of Christianity, god, or any other mythological fairy tale that millions of Americans depend on to  know what it means to be thankful. There are plenty of Americans who are sick and tired of religion being imposed on their lives and injected into every speech, conversation, and debate and a good bet is that they are very thankful that the President said absolutely nothing about god. Thank You President Obama!

[COMMENT:  Indeed!!  Thank you, President Obama!]

Some Comments

Eykis onNovember 26, 2011at11:52 am


Great column, as always.

The FACT that these very same Dominionists are making EVERY ATTEMPT at DENYING Veterans their duly-earned Health Care is another sign of their Xtian Stoopidity and desire to CONTROL the rest of us.

Our best chance is to keep them out of elected positions and vote them out in 2012.

Some of our founding fathers were amongst the worst people you could possibly imagine and if you could meet them today you would find see how twisted our history books have become in order to protect their reputations.

[COMMENT:  Indeed, I once heard a fellow with a Ph. D. in American Colonial History make the statement that Benjamin Fanklin could give lessons to a stud horse!]

Zookeeper on November 26, 2011at10:26 am

The Christ-bots are ruining this country.

Dale on November 26, 2011at8:04 pm

Actually they are what the Christian church has become. They get a little further from the teachings of Jesus every year. But that doesn’t seem to stop them from pretending to represent him.

What they are is the christian version of the Taliban. They aren’t as violent yet but rest assured if they are allowed to continue on the current path they will make the Muslim extremists look like pacifists. These people and their political wing (the Tea Party) represent a serious danger to our freedom and our country.

as promised onNovember 27, 2011at10:59 am

They and Dominionism/Theocracy are a far more ‘clear and present danger’ than any Sharia Law or Taliban.


I would love to see all the “Faith-Based Initiatives” instituted by Bush ABOLISHED.

A Walkaway onNovember 26, 2011at12:19 pm

– “The religious community thinks otherwise and it is a continuing battle that non-religious people are facing more as fundamentalist nut-jobs attempt to impose their beliefs on the entire country.”

The UU churches are part of the “Religious Community” and face the same battle as “non-religious people”. Ditto for many others, including a lot of Christians and people who have other beliefs. They (the dominionists/fundamentalists) are imposing their beliefs on EVERYONE.

I’m as glad as any that President Obama didn’t turn the speech into a sermon and I really appreciated what he said.

– “There are plenty of Americans who are sick and tired of religion being imposed on their lives and injected into every speech, conversation, and debate and a good bet is that they are very thankful that the President said absolutely nothing about god.”

That goes for me too, and I follow a rather esoteric form of Christianity. I think many of the readers know by now that I am a walkaway and as opposed to theocracy and fundamentalism as anyone can get.

[COMMENT:  I can’t find a definition for “walkaway” in this context, but if it means someone who walked away from Jesus Christ and his stupidity, then I am proud to call myself a Walkaway also!]

Fundamentalism is the problem, not religion. I would remind people that ALL religions (including atheism, which can be defined that way as it involves belief – or the lack thereof) have fundamentalists and militants, who do become quite obnoxious to those who don’t follow their beliefs.

VeggieTart onNovember 26, 2011at12:47 pm

The fact that people are angrier over Obama not mentioning the invisible sky dude than, say, the fact that there are people in this country without enough food, people in this country without adequate shelter, and people dying for want of health insurance is telling.

[COMMENT:  An item which illustrates VeggieTart’s comment follows after these comments at the start of Part 2.  And the “invisible sky dude” – I LOVE IT!!!!]

Dale onNovember 26, 2011at8:07 pm

WWJD? I’ll bet he would whine about the lack of a shout out.

[COMMENT:  You’d better believe it, Dale!!]

marpwv18 onNovember 27, 2011at9:20 am

It is important that we understand the difference between these fascists and mainstream Christians. The Dominionists hold in contempt not only non-believers and members of other faiths, but mainstream Christians as well. There is no mistaking their searing hatred and contempt when you encounter into it. They find the prospect of controlling the rest of us so intoxicating that they are beyond any hope of compromise. And because they have formed an unholy alliance with the corporatists and extreme right, they are now a potent political force.

[COMMENT:  “Mainstream Christians” is the same thing as “Mainline Christians.”]

Mike B onNovember 26, 2011at5:09 pm

I’m just thankful that “Free Masons” created theUnited States of America, and not “Christians” or we’d be living in a christian version ofIran. The Masons were not dummies. Speaking of Masons, when are they gonna grow some balls and come out say whats rightfully true. That they, the Masons founded this great nation, and set upon each corner stone of the capital with Scottish rights. They should before it’s to late, for if the christian right revisions the history of theUSAthey will surely erase the Masons from it, and that would be sad.


– – – – – – – – – –

There were many more pages of similar comments, but I believe that these get the point across.

End of Part 1



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