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One Disgusting Video

While checking my Gmail, one e-mail had the following link:

It includes a video of a father and mother taking a belt to their
teen-aged daughter who suffers a form of cerebral palsy.  I watched
the video and I had two different reactions.  First, it shattered my
heart into a million pieces.  Second, it made me so mad that I could
totally demolish my apartment without batting an eye.

I never had kids of my own, but my “daddy” instincts get stirred up
once in a while, and this video was one of those times.  30-35 years
ago, I had a dear friend who had a little 10-year-old girl.  Vi, my
friend, told me once that Kelly, the little girl, idolized me and that
I was like a god to her.  I know that I worshipped the ground that
Kelly walked on.  I also know that if ANYONE even looked at her the
wrong way, I would  have beaten the worthless motherfucker to a bloody

How could any sanctimonious sonofabitch accept a parent’s treating his
or her own child like this poor little girl was treated?  Yet I can
think of one who would embrace such behavior gladly — James Dobson.
Don’t believe me?  Then google “James Dobson and Siggy.”  The story is
on the Net — or at least it was.  I downloaded and PDFed it.

Interesting enough, “hairballs” is part of the link.  I can think of
one Hairball who likely has no problem with what the parents did.
Remember Matthew 10 and Luke 14?

If I sound like I’m ticked off royally, it is because I am.

I wonder if  Evangelical Christians anywhere in this country have the
nerve to go to the site and watch the video.  Somehow, I don’t think
that they do.



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