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Child Brides

Child Brides

Hello, everyone.

This morning (11/4), when I checked my Yahoo mail, I found a message from a group called Democracy in Action. The message contained a video that was the sickest thing I have ever seen on the Net. The text of the message was very short, so I’ll include it all. Here it is.


Watch this video. It’s shocking.

Child marriage is illegal in France, but it is legal – and happening right now – in other countries around the world. No matter where it occurs, child marriage is horrifying and must be stopped.

When young girls are forced into marriage, they are more likely to suffer from abuse, disease and abandonment.

We must take a stand together and show the world that each and every one of these girls deserves the right to her childhood. That’s why we’re collecting 25,000 signatures by the end of November – one for each child bride forced into marriage today.

Sign the petition below, then spread the word to everyone you know!


You’d better believe that I signed that petition!!

The video brought back to mind three very special little girls whom I have been blessed to have in my life. The first little girl was named Kelly. Her mother was my Ginny’s and my best friend; she stood up with us when we were married. Kelly lost her daddy about a year before I came on the scene. She was present when Ginny and I were married, and from that day onward she latched onto me. Her teasing was horrendous, but I loved every moment of it. When we were all together, I never left her and Vi (her mother) without a good-bye kiss. I loved and treasured Kelly, and she loved me back big time. She is a reason I felt revulsion at the video.

The second little girl who came to my mind was named Kharizma. I essentially watched Kharizma grow up. Her mother worked in my office when I worked for the Family Literacy program run by Metro State College. Kharizma spent a lot of time in the office helping out with this and that. She didn’t have a daddy in her life either, so I somehow filled that void. Like Kelly, Kharizma teased me mercilessly. And, as with Kelly, I loved every minute of it. She was always very special to me because I was always very special to her. She is the second reason I felt revulsion at the video.

The third little girl was my niece Hilary. I have mentioned her in the past in my Yahoo Solus Christus group. Carol and I watched Hillie grow up, first when we all lived out in California, and later when we all were living in Colorado. Hillie was always the serious one of the three. She never teased me, and I could never tease her because she held to the idea that if Uncle Bill said something, then it had to be true. She was her Uncle Bill’s girl – and still is. She would stay with Aunt Carol when she was too sick to go to school. If she was here when I got home from work and did the laundry, she would always tag along with me when I would go to the laundry room to put clothes in or take clothes out of the machines. She would announce to God and mankind, “I love you, Uncle Bill, sooooooo much!” Of course she knew how much Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol loved her. Hillie is the third reason I felt revulsion at the video.

Last July I posted an essay in Solus Christus about a program that Oprah Winfrey aired which had as its guests four child brides of the Evangelical minister Tony Alamo. The four girls told their horrifying stories, including having their own mothers turn against them because they had the courage to tell their stories while under oath in a courtroom. The girls’ stories were not pretty, and one couldn’t help but see the revulsion that was on Oprah’s face. You see, there are people, like Oprah and myself, who have scruples against what Tony Alamo did to his child brides and the little girl bride in the video I watched.

But given his attitudes as expressed in his New Testament writings, Paul is not one of those people with such scruples. Indeed, Paul is likely the most misogynistic writer in the history of the world. Heaven knows that I have more than megatons of issues with Jesus Christ, but I do grant him credit for one thing. He did include women in his ministry. Indeed, if “The DaVinci Code” and other such writings can be believed, Mary Magdalene played an important role in his ministry behind the scenes. And another interesting point: While Christ’s male disciples fled Golgotha and the scene of the supposed crucifixion, those who remained at the scene were women. And the first to appear at the tomb on that first Easter were women – Mary Magdalene being mentioned very prominently. There had to be an important reason for all of this loyalty to Christ on the part of the women. Therefore, I believe it would be safe to say that Jesus Christ would likely take a dim view of this business of child brides.

But what about his modern followers? For sure the Mainline Protestants would be hostile to the antics of the ilk of Tony Alamo and those who go overseas to marry child brides. Given its monstrous problem with pedophilic priests, the Catholic Church might take an “anti” position, if for no other reason than to save face. But what about the Evangelical world? Given that it was Oprah Winfrey – not James Dobson, not Billy Graham, not any other Evangelical I can think of – that brought Tony Alamo and his child harem to the bright light of day, I believe that it is safe to assume that the Evangelical community has no problem with the idea. And why should they? They care only for fetuses. Had the girls remained inside the womb, the Evangelicals would have been interested. But once they left the womb, they didn’t matter anymore. Witness the Evangelical support for the death penalty and the United States wars as evidence of the human life that they hold as being sacred.

When I saw the sad face of the poor pathetic little girl in her little bridal dress, I could not help thinking of my own three little girls. Of Kelly and her preposterous teasing – and the hugs and sweet kisses she always had for me. Of Kharizma and her joking around and teasing – and the humongous hug she gave me the first time she was in the office after her horrible experience in Phoenix. Of Hilary and her love for her Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol, and her declaring to God and mankind that she loved me “sooooooo much!” One of the greatest joys of my life has been watching my girls grow up, especially Kharizma and Hilary. Almost before I realized it, the first traces of young womanhood started showing up. To be sure, there were times when the little girl would sneak out and make herself evident, but soon the young woman started occupying their minds and bodies full time.

I thought of all of this when I saw the little girl in the video. And then I thought of something else. That little girl was 12 years old according to something I saw on the webpage, but she can’t be a little girl anymore. She will never again be able to snuggle up to someone and give him a loving after teasing the life out of him, as Kelly often did to me. Nor will she give those innocent love looks to a surrogate daddy as Kharizma did to me. Neither will she make her uncle feel like he is king of the world, as Hillie did to me so frequently. Now that little girl has a husband, and she must be a wife to him. Little girls were meant to laugh, have fun, be happy, and anticipate that special day when they turn Sweet Sixteen. The little child bride will never know any of that.

That is why I cannot begin to praise Oprah and Democracy in Action enough for what they have done to shine light on the problem of child brides. I have never seen anybody – especially Jesus Christ – show such love to the common man and little guy as Oprah does. And the same is true for groups like the Mainline Church and the United Nations. Indeed, I feel that what this world desperately needs is far, far less people like Billy Graham and James Dobson and entities like “Israel,” and far, far more people like Oprah Winfrey and Mother Teresa and groups like the Mainline Church, Democracy in Action, and the United Nations. What a wonderful world we would have then!

Here is the URL for the website, which has the video and the petition to put an end to child marriages:

Be forwarned that if you love children, especially innocent little girls, the last part of the video is vulgar and repulsive.

Every brain is the field where nature sows the seeds of thought, and the crop depends upon the soil. Robert Green Ingersoll

Have yourselves a great day.



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