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Obama Wins The Big One

Barak Gets The Big One

Hello, everyone.

As everyone knows, Barak Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I first found out through a daily digest I get from the Huffington Post. At first, I thought it was an April Fool joke that was 6 months late – or 6 months early. But I did some quick checking and learned it was true.

He deserves it.

As part of their coverage, Crooks & Liars had this item.

* * * * * * * * * *

Barack Obama, with less than a year in office, has won the Nobel Peace Prize, only the fourth US president to win it, after Teddy Roosevelt (1906), Woodrow Wilson (1919), and Jimmy Carter (2002), and the first sitting president since Wilson. Ostensibly, Obama has won it for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” and specifically in recognition of his efforts to work toward a nuclear weapons-free world…

Well, obviously, they had to give it to him for a specific reason, and there’s certainly a lot of validity in the ones the Norwegian Nobel Committee decided on. But the Nobel Prize has always been political, which leaves it open to many who have complained about certain recipients in the past – Yasser Arafat and Henry Kissinger probably the most notable of controversial winners. However, Arafat’s and Kissinger’s detractors were their already sworn enemies, primarily Israel, so no real surprise there. But the instant denunciation of Obama’s worthiness has been, astonishingly enough, our own people. Our fellow Americans. Citizens of the United States who should be thrilled to bits Obama has won this incredible distinction and at a time when it is so crucial for America’s battered standing in the world community.

Larisa Alexandrovna, in her blog article, “Republicanistan – A country of its own” gives a great run-down on the scale of venomous spewing from the right, from Malkin’s spittle flecked incoherence to Limbaugh’s OxyContin and Viagra fuelled rage, along with all those who cheered when Chicago lost the Olympics, who have openly expressed the hope Obama’s policies will fail, regardless of how much that would hurt the country, those flag-waving, gun-toting patriots who have called for a military coup – a military coup! – to oust a legitimate and democratically elected leader of our own country. They must destroy the village to save the village. Their war on Obama takes no prisoners, even if the entire country itself should end up as a fatality.

Yet I would suggest that is it exactly these people – yes, these hate-mongering, stark raving loony-toon seething cabal of gibbering wingnuts at the head of the marching moronic army of stoopid peepul – who are directly responsible for Obama’s surprising win.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sheer brilliance! And oh, so true!

Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize IS a “political” prize, but it still represents something – the crazy idea of working for a world where peace rules. And if the prophecies of Isaiah are true – that is, if they aren’t forgeries, but straight from Isaiah’s stylus – shouldn’t the followers of “Jesus Christ” be leading the march towards a world that lives in peace?

The stupidity of conservatives and Christians never ceases to amaze me. Jerry Falwell whinnied like a drunk horse when Desmond Tutu got the Peace prize instead of his paramour, Ronald Reagan. Even today, Republicans and Christians are belching that Reagan deserves the Peace Prize for ending the Cold War. What these nitwits lack the intellect to grasp is that the Cold War would never have ended — and the Berlin Wall would have never come down – if it weren’t for one single man, Mikhail Gorbachev. If Gorbachev’s mind had been closed to the ideas of glasnost and perastroika, the Cold War would be in full gear today. Indeed, Gorbachev deserves the Peace Prize far more than Reagan ever did.

I am currently reading a tremendous book by Joe Wheless, titled “Forgery in Christianity”. He proves out of the Catholic Encyclopedia that there is virtually nothing genuine in the whole of Christianity. For sure, the lies and myths about all of the “miracles” that Jesus supposedly performed are merely myths and fairy tales – I am living proof of that – and that most of what we call the “New Testament” was forged by the church in order to justify its presence in the Roman world, the medieval world, and the world today. I admit that I have been long troubled by the facts of history that there has been more blood shed in the name of Jesus Christ – the supposed “Prince of Peace” — than for any other cause in history.

Which raises what I believe to be a legitimate question: If the prophesies of Isaiah are true – I personally don’t think they are – and Jesus is indeed the “prince of Peace”, — I personally think that he is anything but – then WHY did Jesus make the statement in Matthew 10:34 that he came to bring a sword (or strife), not peace, to the world? Why also did he say he came to bring strife between children and their parents and strife between the children’s spouses and the elder in-laws? And if Jesus was indeed the “savior” (What an idiotic word!) of ALL mankind, then WHY did he demand that his disciples NOT go to the Gentiles to share the supposed “Good News”? And WHY did Jesus continue this particular charade in his debate with the Syrophoenician woman concerning the healing of her child?

Over the years I have learned one fact: If you want answers to hard questions, you do NOT ask a Christian for answers. Because a Christian will just walk away if they read or hear something that they don’t like. A while back, someone who I truly thought was a friend unsubscribed from the Yahoo group I own. I was shocked and hurt by her action, but I should have expected it. After all, she was a Christian. So I learned that I would have to go outside the Christian faith to find answers to those questions that have troubled me for some time.

In Crooks & Liars’ story about Obama and the Peace Prize, they said that he was one of only four US presidents who had won the prize – Obama, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter. All I know about Roosevelt and Wilson is the history I have read about them, but I do believe that they were worthy winners. Jimmy Carter definitely was. There are others who would have been worthy in my book: Abraham Lincoln, for ending the traffic in human flesh in the United States; FDR, for his compassion for the poor and his work to end the ravages of the Great Depression; JFK, for his zeal for freedom for all men; and Gerald Ford, for bringing peace and healing to this country after the Republican scandal of Watergate.

And for sure Yasser Arafat deserved the prize for his effort to find a workable solution for the struggle in the Middle East. Arafat wrestled with a major problem throughout his life: It takes two to make peace. One man can’t do it alone; he needs an equivalent person to work with him. Arafat never had that.

Obama has said that he is going to accept the prize. He should. It was awarded to him, and he has the right to accept it. He has learned from his predecessor that the world will embrace a peace maker at the same time that it shuns a war monger. Even Jesus repeated a saying that he must have heard several hundred times, that peace makers were the children of God. Whoever first spoke those words spoke wisdom, because so many of the world’s religious leaders – Buddha, Confucius, the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu – had the concept of peace as one of the foundations of their faith.

Congratulations on your prize, Mr. President. You have earned it.

Everyone have a great day today.



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