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My Baby Does The Hanky-Panky

Do They Even Know What Rules Are?


My Baby Does The Hanky-Panky

With heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation to Tommy James & The Shondells

And deepest thanks also to Roulette Records

Hello, everybody.

Unless you have been living in another universe, you have no doubt heard of the latest Republican / Christian hanky-panky involving the governor of South Carolina. Unfortunately, I was not surprised.

I am led to one basic question: Why can’t these birds keep their pants zipped?

I admit that this kind of behavior is a sore spot with me. I lost my Carol 18 months ago, and I still miss her and cry for her. And then there are these (literally) fucking bastards who con their wives and cheat on them. AND THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH SITS ON ITS DEAD WORTHLESS ASS AND DOESN’T SAY A SINGLE WORD AGAINST THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR!! Why not?? Is it OK for this behavior to go on as long as it is done by Republicans? The evangelical church definitely gives me that impression through its silence. Indeed, the only two things that the Evangelical church seems to care about are exonerating Republicans for their misdeeds and sucking up to Israel and kissing its rosy red heinie.

I doubt that they have the intellect to get this, but this kind of behavior – and the Evangelical Christians’ embracement of that behavior – further destroys the credibility of their “Jesus”. A lot of people in this country see Jesus as nothing more than a tinhorn hairy buffoon. And the Christian silence about this behavior – simply because it is done by a Republican – only serves to reinforce that opinion.

I must confess that the more I see of “Jesus” and the behavior of his followers, the better Allah and the behavior of HIS followers look to me. At least Allah believes in standards.

I remember all of the bilge that I was fed in the Nazarene Church back when I was an undergraduate. Like any normal young man, I was discovering girls and what it was like to be with and around girls. We boys in the church never talked about girls as such, but we all knew and understood what it felt like to be a young man because all of us had those feelings. The problem was that the pastor and all of his guest speakers told us to renounce those feelings and thoughts and focus our thoughts on “the sweet, beautiful, precious name of Jesus” or “the sweet, beautiful, precious face of Jesus”. The trouble was that these words came from hypocrites! The pastor and his guest speakers were all married; they couldn’t even live by their own words. And there were times when we guys would call them on it – and end up getting in trouble.

Back during the Watergate Scandal – yet another Republican scandal – I always said that there were two classes of people I had absolutely no use for – a thief and a liar. I am still that way, only now that I am older, I have upped the ante and now there is a third class I have no use for. That third class is a hypocrite. Truth is important to me because it was and still is important to my mother. I was raised by my grandmother, but I can’t say that she ever gave me any ethical training. That came from my mother. It is true that a hypocrite is a liar, but his sin is so far above the normal category of “lie” that a hypocrite is extremely repugnant to me.

Every Sunday morning, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sponsors a program on the Hallmark cable channel which features the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The program is called “Music And The Spoken Word” and includes meditations by a gentleman named Lloyd Newell. He is absolutely brilliant. There is no “Jesus” bilge on there, nor praising and worship of the “blood”, only discussion of practical everyday living – much like I used to see on EWTN when I was able to get that channel. From what I know of the LDS, they are straight-shooters, honest people. Back before the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, there were news stories about some kind of financial hanky-panky in Utah. Instead of killing themselves to cover it up – as Christians have done with the Televangelists’ scandals, Billy Graham’s anti-semitism, etc. — the LDS threw back the covers and turned the spotlight on. In the end, the guilty people were found out and punished. That was what got me started thinking about the LDS church. Honesty is extremely important to me. Dishonesty and hypocrisy will cause me to turn away from a preacher and a church – AND a “savior” — faster than you can blink your eye.

A long time ago, I went to a blog and read an interview with David Kuo when his book “Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction” first came out. In the comment section was a comment by one who calls himself “grumpas”. Here is his comment. Any errors in spelling or continuity are his.

“I wish I could feel sorry for these poor Christian’s who have been mocked! But, I don’t! What did they expect???? They made a pact with the devil and got burnt! They were willing to sink everything this country has represented for a little extra power and influence! That was exactly what they were after was the same thing the Republican were. They tried to make this a “Christian Nation”! To shove their Christian ideology on all American’s and make it a manditory religion! To inflict their style of laws on us! To exclude everyone who wasn’t Christian from the process. I do not see Evangelicalical’s as being wronged in this story! They used the Republican party to shove their religious belief’s down every American’s throat! They got what they deserve! Let’s hope a few of have learned a valuable lesson here. When you lie down with dogs you get flee’s!”

Posted by grumpas at 10:31 AM : Oct 16, 2006

Grumpas is so right. When you lie down with dogs, you end up with a bad case of fleas.

But, unfortunately for them, it has been my personal observation and experience that Evangelicals don’t have the wits to grasp this. Oh well, that’s their problem

If they got a good case of honesty and integrity, I MIGHT be willing to give them half a thought. But I am not going to hold my breath. And neither should they.

I will conclude by giving you a present.×459488

This is the URL for a blog on “The Top Ten Conservative Idiots”. Needless to say, it lies in my bookmark folder. The Top Ten is always hilarious, but especially so this week.

You all have a good day today.


P. S.: If any women or girls meet Mark Sanford on the Appalachian Trail, hopefully they will know enough to holler “RAPE!!”


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