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I did it

I Did It!

Hello, everyone.

For some time, I have been thinking of moving these essays from Solus Christus to a blog. The main thing that has stopped me is the fact that I didn’t have a blog set up. That has been now taken care of.

I have been wanting some kind of social interaction since there has been no activity in the group other than myself. While looking for a study guide for Eckard Tolle’s book “A New Earth”, I went to a website that claims to link to all the best free stuff on the net, and one of the things linked to was WordPress, which is one of many homes for blogs. I visited their site and saw their invitation to form a blog, and I thought, “Why not?” I am posting this in solus Christus, but it will be my first blog post as well.

In my search for the Tolle study guide, I was led to this particular site, where I found a very interesting post. This is from the Cannonfire website:

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Thursday, June 11, 2009
Why do people believe nutty crap?

Although my headline may seem terribly unscientific, my purpose is to direct your attention to this research paper. A study at Duke university concentrated on those who hold to the view that Barack Obama is a Muslim, despite his protestations to the contrary.

(My own suspicion is that he is not, never has been, and probably never will be particularly religious. That’s one of the few things I like about him.)

The implications of the study go beyond that specific issue, of course. The data indicate that once a person chomps into the dripping hamburger of Strange Belief, he becomes addicted to the taste and will do anything for another bite.

Those who believe that Obama is a Muslim will not allow mere fact to dislodge that concept from their craniums. No amount of counter-evidence will suffice. The proposition thus becomes non-falsifiable


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